Why NetVillage?

NetVillage provides the most comprehensive, secure, and robust community building solution on the planet. Our software, powering more social networks than all other providers combined, is clearly the right choice for creating your online interactive community. Here are some of our distinctions:

Our Experience

Chat rooms? We put up our first community chat in 1985

Threaded Discussion groups? We put up our first commercially accessable forums in 1986

E-Commerce? We introduced our first electronic mall in 1987

Why work with the new Kids on the block, when you can work with the developer of many of the apps copied on the web today. NetVillage - trusted, experienced and reliable.

NetVillage's expertise and collaboration tools pre-dates even the web - we when built online communities for dial-up services. We know what works, and what doesn't, in the social networking space

Rapid Time to Market

Other Social Network builders can take months to get you online, we can get you up and running in days. In an age where being late to the Internet game may spell doom for your company, it's crucial to be able to deploy rapidly and cost-efficiently.

Your Brand

When you run our enterprise software, whether hosted by us or in your own data center, it will be your name and logo your customers see, not ours. You will be in control of how your produt or service is presented.

Feature Rich

Our social networking software has been developed and fine-tuned over many, many years. We've incorporated feed back from a very large customer base and as a result our software is highly configurable with a vast array of configuration features (5,000 at last count!). This gives you the flexibility to create your ideal online service. Click here to take a glimpse at some of our configuration options and you'll see what we mean.

Product Differentiation and Customization

Our consultation and customization services enable you to differentiate your business from the competition by providing developing unique products and services using our Software Developer's Kit and programmers API.

Our software development staff has been in the "online" business since 1988. We are not one of the new "Web Providers" birthed only within the past few months. Our satisfied clients range from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 500 companies, giving us a cross-industry exposure that can provide valuable insight into options available in developing your online presence. All corporate projects are administered using proven project management methodologies. Deliverables are identified, milestones are set, and continuous project tracking takes place to ensure that progress is on schedule.

NetVillage U.S.A

  • PO Box 1241. Laurel, MD 20707
  • info@nullnetvillage.com

  • 301-498-7797 Voice
  • http://www.netvillage.com

NetVillage New Zealand

  • Auckland
  • doug@netvillage.com
  • 0274-224-358 Voice
  • http://www.netvillage.co.nz

What do our customers say?

No one has anything that even comes close.

thumb Xerox

In my experience no other online platform is this versatile.

thumb Ken Royer
U.S. Department of Commerce

This is the coolest piece of software I have ever used. It's like AOL-in-a-box.

thumb Lori Leach
Creative Director, Dermdex

I've been building online communities since the days of the early BBS, and no one comes close to the power and flexibility of the netVillage solution

thumb Dianne Snow