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Gamification services

Netvillage adds game mechanics to it's social networking solution...

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Bootstrap Support

NetVillage adds Bootstrap support to Social Networking Solution...

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IBM/Common to manage features

IBM Users group uses NetVillage to share and enhance the IBM I and AIX operating systems...

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Netvillage announces 'Credits' for micro-payments on their Social Networking platform...

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Comprehensive Social networking solution

Netvillage Offers Facebook-style tool...

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Follow the leader ups the ante on "social interest" graphs with capability to follow anything...

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What do our customers say?

No one has anything that even comes close.

thumb Xerox

In my experience no other online platform is this versatile.

thumb Ken Royer
U.S. Department of Commerce

This is the coolest piece of software I have ever used. It's like AOL-in-a-box.

thumb Lori Leach
Creative Director, Dermdex

I've been building online communities since the days of the early BBS, and no one comes close to the power and flexibility of the netVillage solution

thumb Dianne Snow