A good company is built on the quality of its people


netVillage offers innovative professional development, a constant challenge, continuous learning, an opportunities to work in fast growing markets and with exciting companies and industries. netVillage is currently building its foundation team. This is the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next generation of Internet services. Currently we are seeking enthusiastic, bright individuals in ALL areas.

We are looking for individuals who posses the following characteristics:

Be Adaptable - Demonstrate flexibility in day-to-day work, accept change openly, and approach ambiguity with creativity and perseverance.

Show Commitment to Work - Set high standards of performance, pursue aggressive goals, and work hard to achieve them.

Develop One's Self - Take responsibility for professional and personal development and be committed to continuous learning.

Be Creative - Generate innovative solutions by approaching problems with curiosity and open mindedness, using existing information to its fullest potential

Foster Teamwork - Listen to team members and solicit input from all levels while relating to people in an open, friendly, accepting manner. Be cognizant of each team member's contributions and value him/her.

Be Dependable - Follow through with commitments and foster mutual trust with each other.

Coach and Develop Others - Knowing that our future and success are tied to the mentoring and progress of all team members, we should challenge each other to learn while providing constructive feedback and ideas on different learning approaches to fellow teammates and assisting more junior members with their personal development efforts.

Value Diversity - Respect and appreciate the differences within our organization. Our strength lies in the individual and in the team

Provide Direction - Strive to provide sound guidance and clear instruction to co-workers. This will create the framework and atmosphere needed for innovation to flourish.

Motivate Others - Inspire co-workers to attain goals while demonstrating a high level of personal dedication.

Champion Change - Embrace innovation and new ideas. Our business is both dynamic and fluid and all of us should make every effort to propose the best solutions and motivate clients and co-workers to welcome change

We find that these qualities foster an environment in which innovation and creative business solutions flourish.


If you can see yourself working at netVillage and would like to join us, please send a cover letter and resume to:

netVillage.com, Inc. PO Box 1241 Laurel, MD 20725

NetVillage U.S.A

  • PO Box 1241. Laurel, MD 20707
  • info@nullnetvillage.com

  • 301-498-7797 Voice
  • http://www.netvillage.com

NetVillage New Zealand

  • Auckland
  • doug@netvillage.com
  • 0274-224-358 Voice
  • http://www.netvillage.co.nz

The Honey Pot

The following is a FAKE email at netvillage. Ramsey@netvillage.com

Do not try to email to it or your IP will be blocked. We have a feature of our software we term a "honeypot". Honey Pots are e-mail addresses that are created to lure spam. Addresses are published on a page so that automated address harvesters (used by spammers) can find it, but no real person would be encouraged to send to it. Since a real person will never use it, anything sent to it is immediately considered spam. The moment mail is sent to this email on the system, our software will instantly block any more messages from that IP address by placing the IP in the SMTPBLOK.TXT list. Such fun!