Back-end Configuration Optons
These are some of the various configuration options for the more popular netVillage services below. Generally, these options are set by our staff at netVillage based on our needs analysis with you. Having such a large selection of choice means you can easily customize your system to seperate your site from everyone else.

Click on a particular service to be taken to the options for each. While this list is quite comprehensive and displays an impressive amount of configurability and flexibility at your disposal, it does not include those options that are configured online through our online Control Panel. Now that's a lot of options!

NOTE: We don't really expect you to read through all these settings, after all there's nearly 6,000 of them (only some are shown here). It's just to give you some perspective on the flexibility available to you.

Core Security & Accounting
Internet E-mail Address Aliasing
Ceiling on disk space used by online channels
DNS Resolver (Internet Domain Name Service)
File Libraries
Active HTML File Libraries
Active HTML Library-Manager
File Libraries Extension
Finger Client
Finger Server (Internet Registry)
Web FORMs to E-mail
Web FORMs to Text File
FTP Client
FTP Server
Fax Interface
IDENT Server
Internet Relay Chat Client
E-mail/Forums Engine Settings
Novell MHS Connectivity (E-mail/Forums)
Doors (Mini/Mainframe Gateways, Games)
Primary E-mail/Forums settings
Active HTML Messaging
NNTP News Sender (Exporter)
NNTP News Receiver (Importer)
Logon Announcements (Terminal Mode)
Active HTML Poll-Manager
Polls & Questionnaires
Active HTML Polls & Questionnaires
POP3 Receiver (Internet E-mail)
Offline E-mail/Forums (Terminal Mode)
Active HTML Registry
Registry of Users
Rlogin Client
Rlogin Server
Remote System Console
Secure Web
SMTP Mail Sender (Exporter)
SMTP Mail Receiver (Importer)
TCP/IP Settings, IP Addresses
Telnet Client
Telnet Server
Active HTML Account Display/Edit
Web Server
Active HTML Kernel
WEB Video
Video Broadcaster/Receiver Settings
Video On Demand
Ancillary Accounting and Sign-Up
Full Screen/Line Editor (Terminal Mode)
Ancillary C/S & Plug-in Settings
Full Screen Data Entry (Terminal Mode)
File Transfer Settings
Main System Menu Client App
Global Paging Security
RIP Graphics Settings
Sign-up and Account Display/Edit
WorldLink Scheduler
WorldLink Messaging Client
WorldLink Teleconference
Infibase - classifieds
A-HTML Text Variables
Active HTML Lost Password
Active HTML Credit Store

This list was generated based on the previous (4.0) shipping version of our product, and we've added a ton more with our newest version! Whew!