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As you move through this tour you'll find our software is un-matched in terms of configuration settings and options, giving you the flexibility you need now, and in the future. We've also included hints and tips on using certain features to build a compelling community, and give you the competitive edge.

At anytime, if you have a question about the tour, just call (301) 498-7797 and talk to one of our Community Building experts. We also have a Live Demo Site you can use to see netVillage in action!

Build your vision

NetVillage lets you:

  • Increase Traffic
    Relationships keep people connected — and returning
  • Build Advertising Revenue
    Specialized communities allow targeted advertising
  • Cost-Effective Content
    Via Member-generated content
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
    Community members remain customers of an e-business by 50%
  • Viral Growth
    Member word-of-mouth acquires new users at no cost to you
  • Knowledge Sharing
    Community tools are cost-effective for information sharing
  • Tap Market knowledge
    Members are a live focus group
  • Ready for your own netVillage?
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Why e-community?

It's simple. To succeed in e-commerce, you need to succeed in e-community. Every site is fighting to attract and retain users. By adding our interactive social networking features, your site can grab their attention, keep them on the site, and encourage them to return.

- Chicago Business

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