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Get people talking

Chat is a great tool for creating an engaging online community. In fact, forty percent of visitors to a web site want to connect with other visitors to discuss the siteís content, services, and products, according to Jupiter Communications.

A Chat Room is like Instant messaging, but for groups. While IM is great for one-on-one chats, itís not ideal for groups of three or more. Chat Rooms are like a group typing session where replies are immediate and often come from half a dozen users at once.

With a chat room you can:

  • Build Relationships - Provide real-time interaction and relationship building between community members.
  • Increase Interactivity - turn a static website into a dynamic social gathering.
  • Reduce support costs - reduce manpower costs for sales or technical support by addressing many users at once.



Multiple Administration Levels Efficient and labor saving. Delegate maintenance tasks as appropriate.

You can enlist others to maintain chat rooms through administrator roles.
Rich HTML messages Allow members to enhance conversation with web links, photos, and files.
Invisible Moderation Know what members are saying when you are not present.

Administrators can monitor chat rooms while being "invisible" to chat participants.
Automated Moderation Provide a safe, professional chat atmosphere.

Our Big Brother module can record all conversation. Optionally it can announce itself - a great way to get irritating user to straighten up right away.
Profanity Filtering Build professional/family/child-oriented systems.
Pure HTML or Java interface Make it easy for users to start chatting.

Our "pure HTML" web interface (default) does not require the installation of JAVA, Flash, or other third-party plug-in to start working. Users can start chatting within seconds.
Rotating Banner Ads Take advantage of advertising and sponsorship opportunities as users tend to stay in chat longer than any other service.
Context-Sensitive Chat Ads™ Ad Management software identifies keywords in chat and displays "in-chat" hyperlink ads for products or services.

Take advantage of a powerful advertising opportunity. Users are much more likely to act on an ad that relates to the subject of conversation.

Businesses can use chat keywords in a chat support area to offer links to knowledge-base articles.
Worldlink / Chat Room Sharing Seamlessly link to other netVillage chat communities within the chat room. Links appear as just another chat room channel.

Increase value of discussion content while retaining your brand and control. For example, a school could provide a special link with another school overseas. A community portal could link to a related site for a special chat event.
Unique Chat Action Lists per Chat Room Each chat room can have its own set of action commands

Extend chat room communication specific to your business needs. For example, a school can create an action command "raise hand".
Private Rooms for Each User Allow members to control their own chat environment.
Room Restrictions Restrict rooms to certain levels of users.

Allows host to segregate by subject, age, gender, or anything you wish.
Event Moderation Restrict speaking participants in a room to only speaker and moderators.

Host live chat events for special guest speakers, conferences, live discussion panels.
Optional Credit Based Accounting Offer premium "pay" services.

Charge/reward users for:
  • unique room entry / exit message
  • access to chat features (below)
Locks and Keys Access control Allows you to prohibit / grant access to services and features such as:
  • private chat with other members
  • invite other members to chat rooms
  • use chat actions
  • forget a user
  • ignore a user
  • change entry / exit message
  • change room action commands
  • edit a user's chat profile
  • use chat admin commands
  • zap / suspend / delete chat users
  • post credits to users
  • send HTML tags in chat messages
  • the ability to chat at all

  • Do you need advanced chat features beyond these? If so, give us a call. We have a special edition of chat that provides some unique benefits we are not at liberty to post the feature set online. You'll understand when you call us.